Advocating in the Community:

As health care providers we know full well the barriers our patients and their families face. Often there is a lack of time, lack of access to healthy foods, the high costs of healthy foods, lack of culturally appropriate community programs and resources, and decreased opportunities for safe physical activity opportunities, all of which make it difficult to grow up healthy. Our voice becomes their voice in the community. To become an advocate in the community, it is important to:

Be a role model by being physically active every day and work to make healthy food choices.

Integrate Nebraska’s Clinical Childhood Obesity Model, Foster Healthy Weight in Youth into practice.

Work within your circle of connection- your child’s school, family’s faith group, neighborhood association, and community-based organizations to advocate for increased physical activity, healthier food options, to increase awareness about the childhood obesity epidemic, and to educate children, families and the community about the consistent prevention messages.

Join your local coalition. Communities across Nebraska have local initiatives working to find solutions for the growing epidemic of childhood obesity.